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We take for granted the modern conveniences of our bathroom until something isn’t working quite right.  Whether it be a leaky toilet, hot water in your shower not working, or something more serious like a bursting pipe.  At James LeCourt Plumbing we know how important your routine is and we’re here to help get your bathroom functioning the way it should, so you can get back to normal.

James LeCourt Plumbing has quality trained plumbing technicians to do everything from installation of new fixtures to repair and maintenance of your existing bathroom plumbing system. We specialize in everything from shower heads, bath tubs, faucets and sinks to your toilet.  We are also well versed in making recommendations to help you save water. From updating your water heater to adding a water heater pump to ensure hot water gets to your bathroom quickly and easily.  Saving you money and helping the environment.

Contact us today at 949-661-8002 for an estimate on your bathroom plumbing needs.  We also offer 24/7 emergency services should your needs be more immediate.

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